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So much and so little time!

What can I say about life right now except that it seems so overwhelming at the moment. I have two papers to do. One is for psychology and the other is an annotated bibliography for history. But I haven't really truly started on either of them. After I get done writing this, I'll go up to the second floor of the library and begin my research.
I like the second floor of the library at my school. Its always so quiet up there. I like how I can sit down at one of the study carrels and just do what i need to do, and even thought there may be people all around me, with study carrel walls, it feels like I'm still separate from everyone. Its a nice way to study. Everytime I go up there and see a bunch of people at the study carrels and tables, first I get kind of weary like Okay, I probably won't be able to get anything done today. But once I get into my work, they all go away. So, that's why I like it up there. Its like a whole other world separate from the rest of the campus. I don't know why i like libraries so much. I think its because of the peace and escape that they offer. Its like, you can go into a library, get a book, and all your problems disappear. You get dragged into someone else's life for a short while. There problems become yours. But when you close the book and put it back on the shelf, you can leave the problems in the book.
I messaged Jason yesterday. I don't know why. Maybe i was curious as to what he would say. I really wanna get accepted to Unc - Charlotte. I've decided that my first spring break, I'm going to go to Denver and visit the city. I really miss Denver. I miss the mall. There is absolutely no place like the 16th Street Mall. My absolute favorite place in Denver besides Aurora and Glendale.
I wonder sometimes what I'll think of Charlotte if I get to go. I've spent like a day in Charlotte, but I've never been there for longer than that. Much less lived there.
I still can't believe that i'm applying to a university. It was one thing to apply here at RCC and get accepted. I knew they'd accept me. My scores were excellent. And if you make the minimum scores on the college placement exam, they have to accept you at a community college. But, this...this is a university. This is even different than going and living in Denver.
Oh what am I talking about?! Why do I analyse myself so freaking much?! There is nothing to worry about. When I explain to them my circumnstances, they'll understand and they'll definitely accept me because I'm just so darned smart!
Okay, well the meeting that they were holding in the library is over. That was the only thing stopping me from goiing in the and studying upstairs. So, I'm going to go seriously hit the books hard.

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