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Stuff to write about

One thing to write about is that I have an excellent chance of getting into Unc-Charlotte. *little happy happy joy joy dance*
I keep telling myself i need to work on a journal program for my other computer. But everytime I start, I come to this one, and I start dling music and chatting on Omega. I should probably be writing a paper or something right now. In fact, I know I should. But I'm pretty much ahead with my work right now so I can afford to screw around for a few hours. Then I should probably work on some papers. *mental note to self - do homework!*
Oh by the way, just for the information of those precious few who read this journal, someone with one leg and one arm is acceptable. Anything less and I head for the hills.
My brother has been calling alot. I really want to go Philadelphia and visit the family. Much missing here of my brother and aunts, uncles, and cousins. And my grandmother.
I also need to update the site. And I will! I promise. *damn all this freezing up of omega* - strike that
I'm going to need to learn some different html for the addition I'm thinking of making to the site. So, more to come on that.

Cassinda has been descending upon my bookshelf lately with greedy eyes. lol I think its so great. I'm happy that she's interested in my books. There are obviously quite a few that are either two "adult" for her or just some that she is too young to comprehend the themes.

Oh. Something that has been happening lately that I feel the need to write about. Maybe it'll make me feel better about the situation.
Okay, a little background on tab and me.
We met through Brandy when I was 14 and she was 13. We first talked on the phone once. we're almost exact opposites in outward appearance, not to mention the fact that i'm a pale white girl and she's black. But, what makes us such good friends, or did, is that we have the same values in life. We came from similar backgrounds and we've always understood each other near perfectly.
Maybe that's the problem.
A few days ago Brandy told me that she thought I felt closer to tab than her. I love my cousin like a sister. However, I love tab as well. I don't know why they think they have to compete or something. They're both so important to me. The family I wish I had.
Anyway, tab and I, we been through alot together. I trust her with everything. She believed in me when I went to Denver. No one else did and I loved her for that.
Or at least, I used to think I oculd trust her with everything.
But now she seems to imitating my mistakes to the letter. She's skipping school like you wouldn't believe. She's so freaking smart, if she'd only go. I don't know how to make her understand that I'm on my last chance. And if she doesn't stop doing the shit she's doing, she may not get a last chance. *sigh*
She stayed with us for a week a couple of months ago. She never paid us like she said she would. And when we called her on it, she ditched us.
Bran said she saw her in school the other day, and Tab asked her if i was mad at her. I told Bran to tell her that the sooner she calls me, the less mad I'll be. She did, and Tab told Bran to tell me to call Tab. And Bran told Tab that I couldn't because I don't know where she's staying! She said, "Oh yeah. That's right." And walked away.
She says she cares about this friendship. But there's only so many chances I can give my best friend.
*sigh* what to do what to do

I miss Denver. Have I mentioned that lately? I don't miss Jason. I do miss having someone though. *shivers* I miss Denver. I miss my job at Applebee's. I miss my apartment. Damn him. I promise that one day I'll post the story of what happened to make me come home. I may even post the story of how I left for Denver in teh first place. lol

Oh yes, I should probably talk about how I adore Kazaa. lol I love this song. Breathe by Michelle Branch. I dled it today, and I remembered how much I love Michelle Branch. I need to dl my ozzy song, some more linkin park, that atari song that I like...
I also to get a new qbasic game off the net. I love those games! I miss miss miss my atari 2600. I wish it still worked. :( But, I still have my computer. And I want a game cube to play Resident Evil 0 all I want. lol

Damn, Naomi has a headache. Too much music, computer screens, and thinking. I always knew Steve was right and that all my thinking would one day hurt me. lol
See! I also miss Steve. And Jeff. Crazy idiot that he was. And Blair. I miss Cass and Zach. That's it! I'm going to Denver next year when I get the money. lol

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