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Its been quite a while since I've updated this journal, and I have a very good reason for that. That reason is that I've been swamped with exam studying and papers to write and speeches to compose. I feel like studying is all I've ever done in my life. But, surprisingly enough, all of this studying stuff works. I'm serious. The more I study, the better my grades seem to be. Its amazing. Something I never believed until now. Why didn't someone tell me about this before?
lol I've been kind of shut off from the world lately. No gaming, no phones, no going out with friends.
I have been seeing alot of Jason. But my God, he's just so ....seeable! lol *sigh*
Its tentative. But technically, I've been accepted to UNC Charlotte for next year.
See, what happened is this -
I called UNC Charlotte the other day. The day I mailed my application and stuff. I asked to speak to a counselor because I had some questions and stuff, right? But then, its me, and I always have questions. lol I think my eagerness (is that valid here?) was pretty evident to the counselor on the phone. I pretty much asked her if she thought my chances were good. And she said that my acceptance was almost assured. She said that I would probably receive a letter of contingency admission. What means pretty much that my final admission will be contingent upon whether or not I pass my classes next semester. Which of course, I definitely will!
Its safe to say that I'm extremely happy about this.
I'll be leaving the little rural hole in the road that is my home once again for a big city. I'll miss the little town of Hamlet. ahhh nostalgia before I've even left. lol
So many museums in Charlotte. I'll be happy. The only thing I'm a littel apprehensive about it the roommate thing. Ya know, what if I don't get along with her? What if she doesn't like me? Most importantly, what if she doesn't show up?!
hah. All stuff that is so far away in time and yet it all seems so distressingly vital right now.
Oh well.
Jason and I went out the other night. Understand that right now this is all still just "good friends who kiss occasionally" stuff. We ended up by the Falls just outside of Rockingham. We were talking about the stuff that's been going on with us lately. I think this says it all.

Jason - I think that one of these days we're going to have to make a decision as to whether or not this will be anything else.

Naomi - I think you're absolutely right.

Jason - You obviously didn't start this between us just so we could keep doing this "friends with benefits" thing.

Naomi - You're right. I didn't.

Jason - You've been hinting at this for years.

Naomi - Ever since I was 16.

Jason - Right. And you're 19 now.

Naomi - And you're 24, Jason.

Jason - Right. So like I was saying, you're the same age I was when I met you. And you're a whole hell of a lot different then when I met you. You've changed. In a good way. (comment - I liked the sound of that) And I think I underestimate you a little. Still think of you sometimes like I do Amelia (his sister - I almost killed him right then and there).

(I think he saw the look on my face at that comment)

Jason - Not like that. Its just that you've always been so wildly impulsive (he was talking about me, right?). And you're different now. More mature certainly than you were at 14. And more mature than you were at 16. Hell, you're more mature than you were when you left last year. (Goal scored for me!)

Naomi - And, I can't be certain because this is you. But, I think those thoughts are good ones.

Jason - They are. You've surprised me.

Naomi - Once I let you get to know me right?

Jason - So what's your name again?

lol. Think any ground was paved in that conversation? It is nice to know that he's beginning to see that this could work. Now if I can just get him to cook me food and we'll be okay. The only thing that bothers me is that this is his last year of university. After this, for him, its off to Belgium to his parents or to Washington D.C. And I go to Charlotte. Why did he have to wait so long to agree to go out with me?

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