February 10th, 2003

(no subject)

Hey hey hey! I'll try to write more in here but I don't know if I'll be able to hold to that. I don't get to the library much anymore.
I've been slacking on my duties as a citizen to my country (gag!). I've been meaning to get to the SSA office and get a new social security card but I've been slacking on it and I need to stop doing that. 'Cause baby I need a job!
I want a yo-yo though. One of the ones that light up when you use it. Jason and I are letting his friend Josh stay with us until Josh can find a place of his own. So Friday night, we decided to go to Josh's apartment and help him move what little he has into our living room. But when we got there, Josh was at his friend Mark's. So we went up to Mark's. Who, by the way, has a balcony facing an absolutely incredible view of the Rockies.
Anywho, when we got there, Mark's friend Glenn was there (like 40 years old - he had the yo-yo that lit up). The people already there wanted a keg of beer. So they left to go get a keg of Warsteiner. I had one glass. And then another. And then Jason coaxed me into a shot of vodka. And then someone dropped by who had a bottle of Peach wine. So, of course, since no one else wanted it, I took it. And by the night's end, it was gone. So, I had to have another beer. Walking home at 4 am in that condition was fun. Jason has a hicky he can't remember receiving (hehe). I enjoyed the night, and needless to say, Josh didn't move in Friday night. He did yesterday though.