July 7th, 2003

Long day in the classroom

I have so little patience right now for anything or anyone.
All I want is to go home and curl up to finish reading about _The Redemption of Althalus_. But, I have another student coming anytime now. In fact, he should already have gotten here.
I decided to take the College Algebra class they offered this summer. I have ten days left in the semester, and I can't wait for them to be over and gone.
I have a 91 average in the class so far. Not bad. But not good either.
I don't write in this journal often enough. I know I say that alot.

It's just that it seems as though there's never very much to say unless I wait awhile. Significant events to write about are few and far between in this small town.
I spent this 4th at the beach with Brandy, her mother, and her mother's boyfriend. I must say that even though it was all I could do to drag Bran away from her mother for five minutes, I really did enjoy myself.
Barefoot Landing had some really beautiful fireworks. They were absolutely mesmerizing. Some of the really big ones looked almost as if they were coming straight at me. I almost wanted to lean back because they felt so close.
I bought a mood necklace. Very cute little dolphin which encircles a ball that changes colors with my moods. At least, it's supposed to. However, the only color I've seen it show is light blue. But, its pretty anyway. I bought Mom a ring and also a seashell. I gave Cassinda this cute little charm necklace I found in a shop at Barefoot Landing. And for Hayley, I bought one of those glow in the dark bands. She looked so cute when she put it on her little head and told me she was a fairy princess.

July 17th seems so far away. I want so badly for it to hurry up and come so that I can pack for Philadelphia. I'm coming out of my shoes with excitement. I've told Brandy all about the city and all the places there are to go. I know she'll love it there, because I love it there.
Oh well, my student didn't show. Come to think of it, this is the second day he's ditched me like this. I'm supposed to drop him after the second time.
I hate to do that. But I'll probably have to anyway.
Its been such a long day. I'm weary to the bones. And all I can think about is getting home to my book.
I think there's a very good possibility that I read too much.
If I'm correct, I'm in the middle of three books right now.
One of them is Stephen King's _Everything's Eventual. The other two are _The Redemption of Althalus and Ayn Rand's _We The Living.
King always writes a good horror tale. _The Redemption of Althalus_ is absolutely fascinating. As best I can describe it without going into too much detail, the entire book is an allegory. Religion being the main basis of the plotline.
_We The Living_ is just....well, the main character, Kira, is utterly infuriating. I liked her very much at first. But now, she's gone and went self-destructive on me. The background, 1920's communist Russia, is making me remember when I had to read _Animal Farm_ in 9th grade English. I remember enjoying that one very much.