July 10th, 2003

I'm gonna go home early (a hint of a musical melody here)

I'm gonna go home early...i'm gonna go home early....lol

Yes, I am. Our test weren't graded this morning, and so I don't have my grade back. That kinda sucked. I'm not one who has a lot of patience. I like to know immediately how I did.
I'm gonna leave here and go see Brandy today. Its her 18th birthday. I'm gonna spend it with her. Make sure she has a fabulous time. And she will. Because I'll be there. lol
It really irks me that I'm getting paid late this month. If that hadn't been the case, Brandy, Demery, and I would be heading to the beach right about now.
Sabrina should come up from South Carolina to see her. She'll like that.

I've decided to work again on that website. I'm going to call it, "Chronicles of the Lost". It isn't going to have much on it at first. But that's okay. I'll fix that soon enough. I want to get an upgrade for my computer. It needs it really bad. The thing is slower than my grandmother. But, I love them both.
I'll have more on it later. Right now, I have to go fight to keep my rating above 1150 in yahoo! towers.
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Cleaning out the closet

Not much to do right now except work more on the site. I've got the contact page up. Its pretty basic. I also added a link to this journal. And then I chose a different style for this journal so that it doesn't look the same as it always did. That gets tired after a while.
I'd like to buy a new computer. Or at least upgrade this one. However, even if I did that, I still want a new one.
WIll be awhile before any serious talk of even upgrading this one can be discussed. I've now been relegated to one of those poor college students.
How dismal.
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