October 16th, 2003

All that is

Its almost 6. At 6, I go home.
But anyway, that gives me just a little while to update the few readers of this journal on the details of my life since the last entry.
Sabrina and I had a "falling out." Long story short, she made me really mad. Plus, my mother's pissed of at her, too.
Brandy and Chris got engaged. And then they broke off the engagement. Well, she broke it off because Chris said that when he went away to basic training this coming summer, that maybe one of them might "slip up."
Personally, I think he wants to slip up. Brandy's been talking to her ex, Josh on the phone. I wish she'd break up with Chris and go back with Josh. I liked Josh. And he and Brandy still love each other. So, I don't know what they're waiting for. I do know that Brandy's mom thinks Josh has changed since he and Brandy broke it off. She said he's not the same nice guy. Josh is 20, very nice steady income, good transportation - I've spent alot of time with Josh talking to him, so I know he really cares about her. He needs to get rid of "The Bitch" (Melissa) and ask Brandy to go back with him.
I'm so behind in two of my classes. I missed an Eng. essay a few days ago. Not good. So, I've broken down what I need to do. Given everything deadlines. I've learned that I do well with set, near deadlines.
My room looks like the devil attacked it. My head hurts. I'm hungry as all hell. And I still fucking use Jason's phrase of "as all hell." Okay, now I'm in a bitchy mood. I don't think there is an end as to how much I hate the sound of the name Jason Eric Stevens. Its not that i hate him or anything for what happened. Its that the sight of his name reminds me of what happened. And I hate to think of what happened.
I know I said I'd explain one day what happened to make me come home. Well, I will. One day.
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