November 25th, 2003

Have some fun.

Alright. So I think I should mention that I have a serious addiction to the programming on WB's Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights. This is bad. I sometimes still get hankerings for Dawson's Creek. Though I think this could be a by-product of my strange teenage development years. Or those strange little green men I like to hang out with *wink wink*. lol
I'm in a serious mood for some good country songs. Old ones that came out when I was a kid. Like some old Tim McGraw stuff. Gosh, I miss the music of my childhood. - Oh wow. I sound like an adult there.

That IS scary. lol

Brandy called me tonight to talk. I think I was kinda distant at first. But then, after awhile it was the same old laughing and joking conversation stuff that we do, so we're still cousins, I think. She just gets abducted every once awhile and becomes the alien Brandy. I'm sure she would not agree with my words there.

I went on to see if anyone had written any comments about my stuff. I mean, I know I'm not the greatest poetry writer in the world, and I haven't written anything in ages, but I think they should say something on there about my stuff. I think some of those poems were pretty good for a 16 year old. My favorite one was written when I still in great angst over Jason (Stevens). This was when I couldn't figure out how he really felt about me.
Strange stuff went on out there. I didn't really tell anything about life out there. I never mentioned my job when I was working at Applebee's. I never talked about how fun it was to go out with Jesse and Jamie. I miss my apartment quite a bit. We took pictures of it around Christmastime last year before I flew home for the holidays, but we never developed them. The first huge snow we took a bunch of pictures. But we never developed those either. I miss Denver. :(
I miss Aurora! And Hobby Lobby! And boy do I ever miss the Virgin Records store downtown!
I wanted a pet, and our lease didn't allow us to have any animals in the apartment. Our lease also didn't allow us to have more than two people living there, but Josh lived with us for two months. I have fond memories of his Game Cube. lol Anywho, because we couldn't have a pet, Jason went out and got me this ugly little stuffed tiger. lol It looked like a warped Simba (Lion King). We named it Polly (made of Polyester - admire our ingenuity alright!). We would have had Allie the alligator. But that's another story.

Marc thought I was deliberately ignoring him. He came over last night to tell me that.
Jazz got online the other day to tell me to call him. Then when I called him, he argued with me. ugh
Jason's coming over tonight after he gets off work. yay! I get to see my buddy. My hot buddy. hehe
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