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Registration and such...

At 8:30 am today, I will register for my first class back at Richmond Community College. I'm taking one class. More than likely, this class will be a sociology class. I'm looking up the summer schedule right now to see what the hours are.
I'll consider myself one lucky bastard if the Expository Writing class is available. But its the summer session, classes are limited, and I'm registering a day before classes begin. I don't think I'll get it.
I just looked and there's one writing class. I heard they added one for the nursing students, but I'm not holding my breath. The chances of getting into it are slim to none.
I'm hoping for the Social Problems class. Its from 10:10 to 11:10. I've never heard of the teacher. But then, I wasn't there long last fall. So I'm sure there are a bunch of teachers I haven't yet heard about.
The only reason I'm hoping for the Social Problems class is because its a class that wasn't offered the semester I was there. So, I'm curious as to what it will be like.

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