Naomi Dennis (psyche) wrote,
Naomi Dennis

There is so much going through my head right now. I keep thinking. I keep thinking about stuff I shouldn't be thinking about. People I have no business thinking about.
I'm not sure if...if these thoughts are good or bad. I mean, one minute I tell myself they're good. Then the next, they're bad. It seems as if I'm in very strong like. This is about the only I can describe the thoughts I'm having and the feelings I'm having. I don't know. Is this wrong? Should I be thinking about him in this way? Especially after what happened.
This guy is..
he's not a knight on a white and he isn't the guys in the romance novels I read. he isn't built like a god either. But somehow, none of that seems to matter. I really don't give a fuck about all of that.
And its like, all this is supposed to be over.
What the fuck!

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