Back from Colorado

I suppose that one day soon I'll get around to explaining the details of why I came home. But, in the specific journal entry, I think I'll just focus of what I've been doing since I've been back.
Been spending alot of time with friends. I've spent some time with Sherry and Chris now that they're both home. I must admit, I missed hanging out with Chris. Something about the guy that just makes me laugh. He's such an asshole. lol I don't know how Sherry puts up with the guy day in and day out.

Brandy's prom has came and gone. And I'm happy that I was here for her on that day. Her dress was beautiful. She looked great and I was glad I was there for it. I have pictures and I plan to upload them to that silly site I have sometime in the near future.
Surprise surprise....I also plan to put one or two of myself on there as well. Those who asked for them, cherish them. Pictures of me after six years old are such a rare commodity.
(AHHHHH!!!!!! - Moth in my room! Little screwball's gonna die)
Ew. Bugs. *shudder*

Anyhow, I've also been spending alot of time with Tabatha and her aunt. We've been discussing several things. The first, and of course, most important, is whether or not her aunt will let us rent her house. I have my fingers crossed. And I may have found a potential third roommate. Though that hasn't been confirmed yet.
The second thing is that her aunt wants me to be in her wedding this summer as a bridesmaid. I think that should be fun.

Since being home, I've met Sabrina's new husband once. Carl seems nice enough. But I just can't shake the feeling that this marriage will not last. She's 18. And he's 23.
I could dismiss the age thing easily if it weren't for a bunch of other things.
Namely the fact that they knew each other all of two weeks before they were engaged. And that she straight out told me she rushed him into marrying her because she didn't want to live at home any longer. So, he frigging quit medical school to marry her. She makes me so damned mad sometimes. I just wanna shake her.

Anywho, since I've been home, my 19th birthday has passed. Kind of hard to believe I'm 19. strange. The day was a quiet one, and I'm kind of glad.

I'm going to register for one class this summer. And spend of the duration the class focused only on school. And not a damn thing else.

And when that class is over, I'm going to the beach for a weekend.

But right now, I'm going to bed. I cannot believe its almost 7 am. Why am I awake?
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Hey hey hey! I'll try to write more in here but I don't know if I'll be able to hold to that. I don't get to the library much anymore.
I've been slacking on my duties as a citizen to my country (gag!). I've been meaning to get to the SSA office and get a new social security card but I've been slacking on it and I need to stop doing that. 'Cause baby I need a job!
I want a yo-yo though. One of the ones that light up when you use it. Jason and I are letting his friend Josh stay with us until Josh can find a place of his own. So Friday night, we decided to go to Josh's apartment and help him move what little he has into our living room. But when we got there, Josh was at his friend Mark's. So we went up to Mark's. Who, by the way, has a balcony facing an absolutely incredible view of the Rockies.
Anywho, when we got there, Mark's friend Glenn was there (like 40 years old - he had the yo-yo that lit up). The people already there wanted a keg of beer. So they left to go get a keg of Warsteiner. I had one glass. And then another. And then Jason coaxed me into a shot of vodka. And then someone dropped by who had a bottle of Peach wine. So, of course, since no one else wanted it, I took it. And by the night's end, it was gone. So, I had to have another beer. Walking home at 4 am in that condition was fun. Jason has a hicky he can't remember receiving (hehe). I enjoyed the night, and needless to say, Josh didn't move in Friday night. He did yesterday though.

Can you say......SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!...........?

Oh wow. So, I know I said I was gonna use this as an update thing for the website. But, well, I kinda got side-tracked on that and then i just went and entirely deleted the whole thing. I really don't think anyone would mind as I don't think anyone reads this journal in the first place. But that's okay as well because I hardly ever write in it.
It's the day before Christmas Eve and I have about a gazillion things to do. First on the list:
1. Go to the DMV and get an I.D. made.
This is definitely necessary if I want to get on the plane tomorrow and go see my family and friends in NC.
I also need to buy a Christmas present for Jason.
And my mom.
And Hayley and Cassinda and Casey. And definitely Chris. She'd be sad if I got the kids something and not her too.
And I need to get Brandy a present. And Tabby. And Bini.
And, oh gosh, so many people, so much shopping to do, so little time. I'm gonna take a cab to the DMV and after I finish up there, its downtown to the mall to do some SHOPPING!